Maurice and Donna Grimes                 Isiah and Ida Mae Kelley
Hello and Welcome to Passions by Princess!!! I have dedicated this Company to my Grandparents Maurice and Donna Grimes, and Isiah and Ida Mae Kelley. Both sets of my grandparents instilled values in their children to be proud and hard working. Both of my grandfathers were Janitors and had companies of their own. They were both hardworking and have paved a way for their children to have the lives we all have today. Both families have taught us to never quit, your best is never your last, and that your family is always here for you. I am so thankful to be BLESSED with the Greatest Grandparents anyone can ask for. The prayers that have been prayed many years ago are being answered today. 
                                                  Love You All!!!!!!!
       Maw Maw and Paw Paw                   Granddaddy and Grandmommy
  (Maurice and Donna Grimes)                    (Isiah and Ida Mae Kelley)
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