About Us

Welcome! Thank you so much for supporting Passions by Princess Dog Fragrances!!! I started this company so that I could fulfill my Passion and LOVE for Dogs!!! Being that dogs are my favorite animal it was only Natural that I went into business with something to do with them. This company officially launched in 2018 is for all of the Dog Lovers in the WORLD!!!! At Passions by Princess Dog Fragrances, you can find something for you and your Pup to Love.  Our specialty is Natural Dog Fragrances. At this store, you can purchase New, Unique, & Stylish products for your Pups!!!!! We will also have Natural Shampoo and other Natural products coming soon.

Above is a picture of my fur baby Qutie Pie. She has brought so much joy to my mom, sister and my life. I have so much Passion for my puppy, that I wanted to give quality products to her and others. Growing up, I used to love when my dad would take my siblings and I to the dog shelter to see all the different dogs that I prayed for one for myself, and now I have her. 

I graduated from Capital University (Bexley, Ohio) with my B.A in Business Leadership and Management and Masters my from Franklin University (Columbus, Ohio) in Public Administration. With my background, I feel that I can educate the world on vital essentials that our pets need. 

With Passions by Princess Dog Fragrances, I bring forth quality products that our pets and customers will love and cherish. Our products are made with love and with the best products. We hope you find something your furry friends will LOVE!!!!! When you get a chance go check out our other Passions by Princess Brands!!!! (Passions by Princess LLC)

                                                                                                          Thank you,
                                                                                                      Jessica T. Grimes
                                                                                                       Founder & Owner